The Strategy Weekend

Sometimes, to go forward, you need to step back. Sometimes to get energized, you need to relax. Sometimes growth isn’t about tactics, but instead about strategy. That’s why this weekend exists.

Weekend? Yes.
WordCamp? No.

There is something magical that happens when you put people in a pool, take away their computers, and start having a serious conversation about strategy. This isn’t a WordCamp hallway track where conversations are interrupted and depth is limited.




It's an all strategy weekend where we go deep - helping you rethink your approach to everything you do.

But this isn't theoretical thinking that leaves you wondering what's next. It's all practical and action-oriented.

The best thing about the weekend is how refreshed you'll be when you walk away. You'll drive / fly home ready to run hard!

Conversation In Hot Tub

Success is always a function of Alignment

If you could only focus on a couple of initiatives across your team, how do you pick them? Does everyone agree on what they are?

Have you and your team spent enough time understanding what has worked and delivered results this past year? Do you all agree?

Have you been paying attention to the landscape you're in, how it's changing, and how your competitors are adjusting? Who is talking about this?

What are the largest risks you'll face this next year? Is there agreement across your team that you know what they are?

How well is your team communicating about your strategy? Do they know what it is? More importantly, do they know what it isn't?

We developed The Strategy Weekend to help you think about and answer these questions.